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22 Jan

5 Tips for Designing a Call to Action Button That Converts

Web developers and marketing geeks have their heads over heels with this single query – how to design a Call to Action button that converts valuable leads?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have found the magic recipe for designing the best Call to Action button. No need to complicate things, no need to think much about it, follow these five great hacks for a call to action button, and you’ll be surprised with the results. Designing a CTA button isn’t that hard if you know your audience well.

Our experts locked themselves up in a room, with a few developers, to find the best design for a Call to Action button. We ran several companies and tracked their return values; moreover, we ran a successful A/B split test, and we devised this easy recipe to design the best call to action button.

A Call to Action button urges your reader or viewer to take some action, for example, buy a product from you, watch a video, read an article, or remotely anything you’d want them to do with your website.

Whether you run a WordPress blog, E-commerce website, or even a MERN/MEAN stack based website, it is time for you to edit some style sheets. The point is to urge your user to take action, make them believe that this action will be completely harmless. Understand this, and an online user is always skeptical. People are still unsure about their money or about getting a virus. You have to keep a few things in mind to assure your user that you won’t scam them.

Color Scheme Matters for a CTA!

What is the first thing that your user sees? The question is somewhat rhetorical. The first thing a user sees is the color scheme; if your button isn’t attractive, you can forget potential lead conversions. You might not believe it, but trust me, color psychology is a real thing; it has a powerful effect on your client. Most marketers prefer the use of red and orange, as they are best known to grab your user’s attention. The entire point of making your CTA powerful is to make sure that your button speaks for itself.

Moreover, there are other colors, such as blue, black, and green. Web development services don’t prefer the use of black, as it makes the button look monotonous. However, colors such as blue and green are best known for their trustful nature. Blue and green make your user comfortable with the product, creates a sense of trust between the service provider and the client. Ever wondered why many airlines use blue and shades of blue in their marketing campaigns? Well, now you know the reason! Therefore, designing a CTA button with the recommended color scheme is best to gain more leads.

The Choice of Words

The most important thing when it comes to designing any marketing campaign is the choice of words. Your choice of words defines what you do and how confident you are about it. It would help if web development services made sure that you are always secure and always saying the right thing. Too much text takes away the beauty of it; make sure the words you use are powerful, robust, and meaningful. For example, words like – sign up, download now, or register yourself; give you a sense of authority and make your user feel the vibe of your confidence.

Most marketers and web designers usually make the mistake of saying too much or saying the unexpected at the very beginning. If you are charging for a particular service, you don’t need to quote the price at the very start or ask for their payment methods right away; you slowly build up a connection with your user, and when you approach them with your product. You need to make sure that your user doesn’t feel anxious or skeptical while clicking on your Call to Action button. Build a comfort zone and try to make them interested in your product.

Be a Bit Creative With the Graphics

Mind you; there are several differences in the graphics and color scheme you choose for your website. Your style sheet expert should know how to use pictures and how to be a bit more playful with the designing of CTA buttons. Your CTA is valuable, and it can bring you potential leads. Don’t mislead your user with the graphics, and pop-ups should never annoy your user, nay it should never lead them onto something you might not offer. For example, if you don’t offer free eBooks or free webinars, don’t lure your customer, as it is highly likely that the user might never return to the site in the distant future.

Nowadays, platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Woo-commerce, Wix, etc. have introduced hundreds of playful actions to grab your user’s attention, keeping in mind that the graphics don’t block the content.

Create the need!

One of the best traits of a good marketer is that he/she knows how to create the need for their product. Once you’ve decided the best color scheme, best text for your customer, the next step is to make sure that your Call to Action button appears when it is needed the most.

For example, if your user is looking at your product, related products should be displayed, accordingly, a Call to Action button, provoking them to buy now. Similarly, if your user is reading an article, related content or eBook should be instantly suggested to them. Website development services should keep in mind that unnecessary buttons make your website look monotonous, and you don’t want that.

Make your button visible!

Don’t let your Call to Action button rot in some corners. It should be visible when your user lands on your website. Most website development services make this mistake when designing sites; they don’t pay much attention to the placement of your essential buttons. Make sure that you ask your developer or designer to keep in mind that some buttons are necessary to you and that they place them in the right position.

Moreover, the size of the button also matters when designing a CTA button. You need to decide the size of the button according to the importance of it, don’t just do, and think your campaign through. Call to Action buttons are crucial for any service provider or business owner; therefore, make sure that everything is perfect when it comes to generating potential leads. Amplify your buttons and drive more business than ever before!