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25 Jun

Asana Review: Why this Organizing Program?

If you’re not familiar with Asana, it is a task and organizing application  There are many great online programs available for companies that allow their teams to share communication, ideas, tasks, forms and more. While each program may have a unique set of features that certainly attest to their advantages over their competitor, I want to share why Asana is a great choice to consider. We are a marketing company, and therefore have a variety of clients that have very specific needs. We offer website development, online business listing, social media management, custom logo designs, website policy creation etc. We have many marketing services that help build a company’s online brand and presence.

Since a company can hire us to perform one or all of these services, we need to make sure each of their projects stays as organized as possible. We want to ensure we are doing our job to the best of our capabilities. I am the social media manager for Renew Power Marketing and therefore must create a lot of diverse and unique content for each of my client’s social media. I like to think of Asana as my own personal filing cabinet. Asana allows your team to create portfolios and folders with different templates to keep your projects on track. Here are some template examples that you can use.

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The variety of templates offered allows you to choose which one best suits your project. They have options likes Digital Fundraising Campaign, Meeting Agenda, and New Employee Onboarding, and that’s just to name a few. The templates are not only well organized and methodical, (which takes the hassle out of having to create them yourself) but user-friendly. When you create a new portfolio, each box will share sample writing to indicate how the boxes can be used.

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The task manager feature alleviates the stress of assigning. My supervisor can assign tasks to me or my co-workers that detail exactly what is needed to be done. When the task is finished, you can simply click the check-mark to indicate that it is complete, and it will alert your manager or supervisor. Supervisors can even track the status of their work in each portfolio and leave comments along the way. You can also sync your tasks to your calendar, which is another really great way to stay on track. I have merely highlighted some of the great features that help my team and I categorize and structure each portfolio. Asana helps us meet deadlines and have a place to brainstorm ideas. You can also check out Asana’s website for more features.

Asana is every bit worth the monthly fee because not only do we use it every day, but its affordable packages make it an easy choice against its competitors. Whether you’re a marketing company like us, or an enterprise in another niche, Asana seems to have the capability to handle any various account needs.