Custom Designed Logos to Accelerate Your Brand

With our unlimited everything policy (that’s unlimited revision rounds and unlimited redraws) you have the freedom to experiment with different ideas with your designer. It doesn’t matter how many changes you make or how many designs we present to you because you will never be asked for extra money. If you don’t like any of the first set of designs, that’s perfectly OK and you’re not going to hurt our feelings by telling us. We’ll just have a chat and find out what’s not working and then the next set of designs will be bang on the money.

We’re not in business to nickel and dime you, we’re here to make sure you get the logo of your dreams and nothing less. That’s why our unlimited everything policy is so loved and enjoyed by our customers and you’re going to love the freedom of it too. You have complete peace of mind knowing that the logo design is going to be perfect.

We never put you under pressure to select a design you’re not happy with. In fact we go out of our way to make sure we only ever move forward when you’re absolutely delighted and ready for the next stage. You’re in complete control of your own happiness.

Because we start your project with five designers and not just one, you get to see some varied design styles right at the outset. With other logo designers you often get assigned just one designer and if you don’t like their style of design you’re pretty much stuck right at the start.

With our service you’re not going to feel awkward rejecting the designers work because you’re going to see so much variety that there’ll be a style perfect for you right at the get go. We’ve got all the different design styles covered so you can relax.

Another great advantage of starting your project with five designers is you don’t really need to know what your looking for. This is extremely common among our customers so you’re not alone feeling that way. After all you’re not a designer and unless you have a specific design in mind how could you possibly know what you want. Don’t worry, you’re going to get so much variety there is bound to be something you like and if not we have you covered with our unlimited everything policy. Sit back, let us work our magic and things will be a lot clearer for you when you see the first set of designs.

Owning the copyright to your logo has so many benefits. Firstly, the logo is yours and you own it outright which means you can do with it as you please. You’re not tied in to a designer you have to pay royalties to for your own logo. How painful would that be? You don’t need to worry about that with this service because when your logo is finished we’ll hand it over to you with a certificate of copyright ownership. This certificate transfers any rights we have to the design during the design stage completely over to you in full.

The copyright ownership can be used to register your logo as a trademark. Having a trademark gives you the strongest brand protection and is a valuable business asset that you can sell on if you have an exit strategy or you want to hand it down to a member of your family. You will feel immensely proud of the strong brand you have built up and passed on.

We never sacrifice quality for speed.

We have fine tuned our processes over the years so we can deliver stunning design choices that are totally relevant to your business in just 3 days.

When starting or rebranding a business you have a lot on your plate. The sooner you can get stuff off your to do list the sooner you can start making more money.  You’re going to get to a finished logo that radiates credibility and trust fast and that is going to free you up to concentrate on delivering your product or service to your market.

Not only do we provide the initial design choices in just 3 days but we turn around your change requests and final file package in just 2 days. We’re business owners too and know how important it is to get your brand working for you the best it can in the shortest time possible. As the saying goes, time is money.

You can relax knowing that we have your back.

You’re going to get a ton of different file formats and sizes to cope with any media you’re thinking of using your logo on. We even provide you with instructions on which file is best for which media so you are never in the dark or confused about what file to use where. You don’t need to learn new software or try to work out how to resize images because we have you covered.

If you come across a situation where you need a specific file format but you don’t seem to have that one in your final logo files pack then we can work with you to either provide the format you need or at least a format that will work. You’re never just left on your own to figure stuff out because we have you covered with our after service support policy.