Annual Payment
( 2 Months FREE )



  • WordPress Core & Plugin Update
  • Theme Updates*
  • Broken Link Check & Fix
  • Website Security Check & Enhance
  • Website Speed Check & Optimize
  • Advanced Malware, Security
    & Blacklist Scanning
  • Database Optimization
  • Clean Log & Spam Comments
  • Enquiry Form Process Check
  • Monthly Support Request Report
  • Monthly Website Traffic Report
  • Monthly Website Uptime Report
  • Developer Suggestions for
    Website improvement
  • Website Edits Worth (5 hours)


Annual Payment
( 2 Months FREE )



  • Includes all in Informational Plan
  • Website hosting
  • No Long term contracts
  • Website backups w/ restore capability
  • Analytics monitoring &
    recommendations based on data
  • Priority Support
  • Monthly Marketing Consulting
    Call & Advice
  • Website Edits Worth (10 hours)


Annual Payment
( 2 Months FREE )



  • Includes all in Business Plan
  • Product Page Optimization
  • High performance
    security monitoring
  • Image Optimization
  • Website Edits Worth (25 hours)
  • Free Email Cleaning
    Tool Access
  • Bi Weekly Marketing Consulting
    Call & Advice


All inclusive. If you have an issue in the future or need another manual clean then it is included, unlimited and you have an overall stronger level of service with two automated tools. Here there is nothing else you need to pay for and no upgraded level at this. At this tier there is nothing you would need to do as it is fully comprehensive.

$ 359

Paid Yearly

cloud-based real time protection and prevention

  • Continuous automated Malware Removal Tool (removes malware infections within the database and files)
  • Continuous Malware, Sliam and Network scanning to alert you to security issues
  • SMART/ Database liatching (immediate and automatic) of lilugins, themes, lilatforms, etc
  • Daily Cross-Site Scriliting (XSS) and SQL injection vulnerability scanning
  • Unlimited Manual Cleans by our Exliert Services Team
  • File Change Monitoring
  • Alililication and Advisory scanning to alert you to liossible vulnerabilities or susliicious items
  • lirotection of the website at the domain level
  • Submission to host and Google to remove susliension or blacklist liage
  • DDoS lirotection
  • liCI Comliliance
  • Illegal Resource Access lirevention
  • Site acceleration due to Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Minification
  • Firewall works with SSL Certificates
  • Blocks Bad Bots (Bad Traffic) at the domain level
  • Daily Traffic Stats (Shows Bots vs Real Human Visitors)
  • Block Sliecific Countries, Ilis and URLs from viewing your site(if requested)
  • lirotects against OWASli Toli 10 (Common tylie of hacks and targeted attacks)