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22 Jan

Stay updated! These are the Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

The marketing game is challenging; you need to stay updated, like all the time. You should know all the best strategies, all the best trends, and all the right words to lure people. Marketing is what holds a company together, whether it be their image or their sales, it all depends on their marketing campaigns. Every company desires to have a healthy marketing plan, and sometimes they miss out on the digital marketing trends in the industry right now.

Please get to know your customers better; understanding what they like and what they want is the most crucial step for any digital marketer. Considering that you already know the demographics of your business, it is time for you to concentrate on the contrary; make sure that you are using all the tools out there in the market.

Digital marketing has evolved a lot in recent years, from using social media forums to making use of the entire internet. SEO has now evolved, from what people write to what people speak, services such as Alexa and Siri have changed the dynamics of optimizing your website. Not only do you have to do profound keyword research, but knowing how people think and speak is crucial for you as well. We have listed down a few trends that businesses are following these days to bring more traffic to their business.

Start Video Marketing Today!

Don’t trust us, but always trust the statistics. Video marketing has become one of the key features in today’s world. According to research, video content grows your business 49% faster than text, and 51% of marketers prefer video marketing over written content. If you want fast results in good ROI, video content is the way to go. Plan it out with your team and start using the platforms out there. Nowadays, people prefer watching a video rather than reading an article.

You can approach video marketing in two specific ways, either you pay for ads or start generating organic content on video-based websites. Moreover, ads yield faster ROIs as compared to organic content, but organic content produces valuable and long-term clients, which is proven by several methods. Video marketing has remarkably become one of the most used digital marketing trends by digital marketing companies.

Introduce a Chat box today!

Never underestimate the strength of an AI-powered chatbox, which has now become a powerful digital marketing trend. If you want to leave a profound impression on your users, AI is the best option in the market. People are slowly integrating AI APIs into their systems, a chat box that responds to their needs in real-time. Installing an AI chatbox requires research and a lot of thought, as you should be well-aware of what your customer might ask, which you can always fetch from previous data. Your chatbox should be prompt, responsive, and must give your user several options other than conventional queries. Your chat box must provide them with an option to contact you personally or provide them with instructions about contacting you.

Make use of influencers

Influencers help boost your PR and drive more traffic than you can ever imagine. Brands and digital marketing companies are nowadays making exclusive use of influencers from different social media forums. Forums such as; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter extensively help you grow your business and spread the word around. News is what arouses every being in the world; Gen Z is always looking for exciting things on social media.

Always make sure that you not only post about your products but also the issues that surround your business. Use influencers to talk about how good your product is, or what are the pros and cons of your work. Reviews always help you gain attention, hence, get reviews and grow along with others.

Email Marketing Still Works

Email marketing is one of the primitive digital marketing trends that still works to date. There are thousands of people who still make sure that they use their email accounts. Not all of us have lost the value of emails, as they are more convenient and more professional. Data that you must have collected over the past few years, your email list will always be an asset to you.

Furthermore, what you need to know about email marketing in 2020 is that the competition is getting tough every day. Make sure that your emails are robust and attractive. There are hundreds of tools available to help you generate automated emails. For example, a CRM (Customer Relation Management) system allows you to run marketing campaigns that reap results. Your emails should always call the user to make an action; hence, this is where your Call to Action buttons come in handy. Use most of the tools available, and give your audience what it needs, keep them up-to-date with all your promotions and activities.

Build a sentimental connection and make use of media channels!

Your customer should always be able to trust you with his eyes closed. The more you communicate with them, the more they tend to come back to you. Create a bond with them, talk to them, and be a bit more expressive with your words. There are wonders you can do by using your media channels, making your business a powerhouse. Many people ask how to connect with users and how to go off-topic, given the nature of their business. Well, it is not that difficult; if you give it a thought.

You only need to be human to talk about social issues and current happening in the world. Talk about the current situation, condemn things, and make sure you have an unavoidable opinion on matters. The choice of your words is essential. The use of strong words can get you in trouble. Always be neutral, don’t get too political, neither drive yourself away from things. You must understand your audience, and if you do, you can always touch their hearts by saying the right something at the right time. There is no use to talk about an issue that happened ages ago, being creative, and keeping your audience engaged with you. Digital marketing trends are not that hard to follow if you stay well connected with the network of well-known marketers or a digital marketing company.