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A lot has changed since the internet exploded on the scene, including consumer behavior. The most prominent example is the Yellow Pages: previously, it was essential for businesses to be listed in the telephone directory because it was the telephone that was being used in every American home. Since the advent of the digital revolution, the Yellow Pages are not the only quick solution to find businesses.

The business industry has been greatly affected by rapid digitization, and today, if a business doesn’t have a digital presence, then chances of it surviving are far less. Even businesses that were growing and doing well before digitization took place have moved to the digital domain. Smart entrepreneurs know that they need to adapt to and evolve with the latest technology for their businesses to survive.

Why Your Business Needs
Website Development Services?

Today the World Wide Web is the one place where you can virtually access anything – and because of how accessible it is, many businesses are starting up or shutting down, turning the global marketplace into a hostile and competitive environment. Businesses that fall behind will eventually crumble; those who adapt and fight will live to see another day.

We know that the global marketplace paints a grim picture, but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should lose hope. If technology is the deciding factor in gauging the success and failure of a business, then why not use the latest technology? Renew Power Marketing is a leading web development company in Columbia, MO, that can give your business a digital facelift that’ll blow your competition away.

Today, when people decide to buy a product or acquire services, they tend to first do their research  online. According to research, nearly 97% of people search online to find local businesses near them. If you want to scale your business and be the first choice among potential customers, you need to be online. Renew Power Marketing can help you do that by making a custom website that will attract the attention of prospects while displaying the services/products you’re offering in a personalized fashion.

What Makes Our
Web Design Services Special?

There are companies and web designers in Columbia that can make a cheap website in a couple of days. Instead of growing your business, such websites can harm your existing business, putting you at risk of losing loyal customers. Inexpensive websites usually take a lot of load time, have pixelated graphics, and poor user experience. Viewers and customers will not stay on such websites for long. You can’t lose a significant portion of your business just because of a bad website.

Web designers at our web design service in Columbia, MO, are some of our most sought-after employees with years of hands-on experience in developing and designing websites. Our web developers make sure to understand your business’s mission and vision, developing a custom website that is harmonious with your business values. The website will incorporate the latest features and functions that your opponents and rivals lack, giving you a competitive edge over them.

All of Our Websites Include

Modern Design

Your custom website will be designed using the latest trends and techniques for a truly unique website.

Latest Technology

Built on the latest/greatest platform for faster load times and a better user experience.

Responsive Design

Your website will display beautifully and work seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Project Management

Work directly with the Project Manager to help guide you through the design and build out of your website.

Content Management

Your website will be built on WordPress (Best CMS in the Industry) which allows you to easily edit content, pictures, etc.

Built to Convert

Your website will be built with one thing in mind… turning your clicks into contacts and new customers.