Protect It All:
-Informational Websites
-eCommerce Websites
-Mobile/Web Applications

Easy Setup

Answer a few questions to quickly generate any policy. You can even send the questionnaire to your client for them to fill out.

Automatically updating

The law is constantly changing, and keeping a constant eye on when you need to update a policy can be daunting. Save yourself time and money. ..

One dashboard, unlimited installations

Agencies and businesses with multiple domains appreciate a single dashboard to manage everything.

Unlimited Changes

Websites are no longer static. They are constantly updating. When you add a new feature or functionality and need to update your policy, simply update the installations questionnaire with your change.

Sharing Enabled

Easily share your installation with your web developer, client, or attorney. Users can add and update installation policies as well as copy the embed code to put onto the website.

Set it and forget it

When you embed a Termageddon policy onto a website, it will automatically be updated by Termageddon whenever the law changes.

Override Updates

Want to edit parts of the agreement? No problem, each section, when manually edited, remains intact, regardless of future updates.

Generate Any Website Policy

- Privacy Policies

- Terms & Conditions

- Disclaimers

- End User License Agreements

Complete Setup In 3 Steps

1 : Buy one installation or as many as you need

2: Answer some questions about your business and website.

3: Embed the code onto your website’s footer.

Frequently asked questions

* Avoid massive fines from the government

* Limit your liability

* Keep control of your website

* Protect your intellectual-property

* Ensure legitimacy to your website visitors

* Little details like this go a long way with clients
* When clients ask you for legal stuff, you might as well have a solution
 *Quick implementation. Don’t let policies delay meeting deadlines
 *Add-on service to grow your retainer revenue and value
 *A policy partner like Termageddon focuses on your needs as well as those of your clients