Why Company Needs Swag
31 Aug

Why Do Companies Need SWAG?

Our company brand needs to be promoted regularly, and if you’re like most brands, you spend a lot of your time online promoting your business through digital channels. But don’t forget about offline promotion as well; this can be just as important. Company swag is an excellent way to promote your brand without much effort.
What is company SWAG? 

Company swag is the promotional freebies that your company gives out to customers, employees, and potential clients. There are many forms of swag, such as tags, keyrings, swag boxes, tech accessories, water bottles, self-care items, and more. 

Company swag was once basic and only for promotional purposes, but in 2021, company swag needs to serve a purpose. Useful items are handed out to customers and employees for free – they clearly display the brand logo for promotion and create positive associations. 

What is SWAG used for? 

Swag is useful for branding and advertising; it’s a chance to promote your brand or business in a different way and extend your reach. Sales and marketing teams love swag because it gets people talking about the brand positively and drives traffic. 

People love to receive something for free, and it’s even better if that item is useful; that’s why key rings, t-shirts, and water bottles, are popular forms of swag. Even if people don;y intend to wear your brand t-shirt, they come in handle sometimes – for trips to the gym, for instance.  

The rise of SWAG

Swag has always been around in some form and probably dates back to the election campaign of George Washington in 1789. In that election, free buttons were handed out to support the campaign. Nowadays, in the digital world, it might seem outdated, but swag works. 

These days, it’s even more important to use swag because brands need to be promoted in various ways – both online and offline. So, SWAG has become more influential and valuable to companies instead of diminishing in the digital era.  

The brand benefits of SWAG 

Nowadays, markets are so saturated that it becomes harder to stand out from the crowd. Not only that, companies and brands are so similar that any form of differentiation is helpful. Swag helps a brand to individualize its products and its identity. 

Swag is also a chance for a brand to overtake its competitors in terms of the quality and relevance of the swag it offers. When customers encounter superior swag for a product, they are likely to remember the difference when it comes to making a choice in-store or online. 

Where to buy your SWAG

First, work out what sort of swag you want to offer. For example, do you want keyrings and t-shirts, or would water bottles and self-care items fit better with your brand? It’s usually a good idea to create swag that works well with your brand, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule either. 

If you’re interested in creating some swag for your business, contact us at https://renewpowermarketing.com. We have all the resources you need to develop the swag that’s best suited to your brand. All of your designs and promotional products can be organized in one place.