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Everything has changed since the world has gone digital. Previously, people used to rely on conventional marketing to reach out to potential customers. Billboards and newspapers were thought of as marketing essentials, but that isn’t the case anymore. There are hundreds of businesses that haven’t appeared in any newspaper and are still doing great. This is because they’ve adapted to digital marketing. Today, it is considered a requirement for your business to have a digital footprint, regardless of the industry. Whether you’ve just started and are still fresh on your entrepreneurial journey or you’ve already established a name for yourself and your company, adopting the latest digital marketing practices can take your business to the next level.

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Since anyone can set up a digital presence, it has increased the competition tenfold. Almost anyone can make a website, so what will make yours stand out from the rest? This is where Renew Power Marketing comes in. We are the leading digital marketing agency based in Columbia, Missouri and have clients all over the world. 
At the end of the day, we believe that a simple website isn’t enough for a business to reach its true potential.



Right from the moment you come to us with an idea, we make sure to gather all the bits and pieces and complete the bigger picture so you understand what needs to be done next.

2. Defining Your Business Plan

Once we have the complete business idea in our hands, we can move the next stage, defining the business plan. We'll discuss your target market, your competitors, your USP, etc.

3. Your Business’s Brand Identity

We'll focus on your branding and logo design next. This is probably one of the most important and most misunderstood parts of a business plan. For a business to truly reach out to its target customer, its brand and identity should be synonymous with the nature of that business. Let’s say you’re starting a restaurant, but IKEA inspired your branding – will you be able to reach the right customers? Will you be able to market your business properly? This is the most common mistake most businesses make – and why we will make sure that your business’ logo and brand identity is in line with the services you're offering.

4. Prototype

Once we have everything jotted down, we'll start working on the prototype. This will include the website, marketing plans, SEO techniques, and everything else that will help identify the loopholes or areas that we’ve missed in the initial planning stages. The prototype will also help us understand your business’s market worth in real-time.

5. Custom Website Solutions

Now, we can create your business’s digital presence, and that starts with a custom website. We’ll design a website that’ll provide an exceptional customer experience.

6. Your Very Own Marketing Plan

Lastly, we’ll design a marketing plan that includes everything, from catering to existing clients to reaching out to new ones. The plan will help you with different marketing strategies, content, and lead generation. It'll make sure that your business reaches potential clients.

Why Choose Us?

Renew Power Marketing has a team of in-house website developers, social media experts, logo designers, brand executives, SEO specialists, and website policymakers with years of hands-on experience in their respective fields. Each individual we assign to you will hear you out first and then assist you in the best way possible. People working at Renew Power Marketing are compassionate and dedicated to making your business the next big thing in town.

The Need

We define the scope of the problems or challenges which need solutions. We understand the task by considering points such as problem origin, problem impact (e.g., on clients) and the time required.

Idea creation

We next put the problem in a fine structure or create ideas which a great way to gain insight into any work. When we do idea creation, we actually identify the important issues and problems.

Creating Prototype

Making a prototype is the best way to combine your ideas and see if they work. We create a prototype with the intention of user testing, which helps us identify how valuable the product is to the user.

Testing & publishing

This is the last and most important phase of the process. We test any project by providing it to client for a final review. When the review is complete and no issues have been found, we move on to publishing the project.

Services We Offer

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In the old days (before 2000), corporations and brands held control over the messaging in the marketplace. Think back to a time when TV advertising, billboards, and flyers reigned. Not long after, there was a shift to digital marketing which created.

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